FLUKT is a raw oldschool Black Metal band hailing from Vennesla, Norway. The band was launshed during the fall of 2014, but from the dark mood and the aggression in the music, every metalhead will get a flashback to the infamous days of Norwegian Black Metal from the 90s.

Early in 2019 Flukt signed a two-album deal with Dusktone from Italy. The first album “Darkness Devour” was unleashed upon the world at october 25th 2019.

Flukt’s debut Ep «Holocaust» was released through SkyBurnsBlack Records in the winter of 2015. In 2016 the “Sadist” single was released and late november 2017, the seven inch vinyl single «Fortapelse» was released by NordicMission Production.

Flukt has performed several live shows in Norway, Denmark and Sweeden. Like on the legendary Inferno Metal festival, NordicFest, John Dee Club, Southern DisComfort Metalfestival, Tornvang Open Air and Northern Deception Metalfestival. Flukt has shared stage with bands like Dalit, Mork, Svart Lotus, Arvas, Uburen, Djevelkult and more!